MiniQCL™ Quantum Cascade Laser Modules for OEM Customers

As a leader in high-performance mid-infrared (IR) spectrometers, Block has leveraged its expertise to develop next-generation Quantum Cascade Lasers used around the world in life science, safety, and environmental applications. Due to their low cost and ultra-compact size, our lasers are available in applications that previously had been out of reach for QCLs.

Quantum Cascade Lasers are tunable lasers that can make controlled incremental shifts in wavelength output. This enables the power of mid-infrared lasers to be applied to broadband spectroscopy applications where previously there were no solutions.

Block's external cavity QCLs are effective for producing widely tunable systems and providing broadband tuning at microsecond speed while still compact and single-modal.

Our QCLs operate in "pulsed" mode (as opposed to "continuous wave") for operating in a wide range of environments without expensive and bulky external cooling. In addition to the first and only QCL modules designed for simple system integration and scalability, we also offer the expertise and collaboration to determine the best laser for your application.

You can learn more about our single-laser sQCL and multiple-laser mQCL solutions for manufacturers:

sQCL: single tuner for portable OEM product integration

  • Best in class ultra-miniature tuner and electronics
  • Wide wavelength range in a single tuner
  • OEM integration support
  • Lowest cost in volume
  • Command/Control SDK provided

Learn more about the sQCL

mQCL: multiple lasers for OEM product integration

  • Multi QCL optical module for system prototyping
  • Broad wavelength applications
  • Gap free tuning
  • Noise sensitive measurements
  • Trigger I/O for seamless integration

Learn more about the mQCL

To download a brochure with more detail on Block's laser products, please click here (PDF).

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