Standoff Detection and Identification of Chemical Threats

For decades, Block Engineering's spectrometers have been used to protect people from chemical attacks and threats.

Block's LaserWarn is an open-path standoff chemical detection and identification system that detects hazardous and toxic chemical gases over large areas. The system has received several awards for homeland security and environmental monitoring applications, including the prestigious MILIPOL Innovation Award.

LaserWarn is designed to protect airports, subway platforms, military bases, and other critical infrastructure sites from Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals/Materials (TICs/TIMs) and other hazardous chemicals. Using invisible eye-safe infrared lasers, a single system detects chemicals within seconds over an acre.

LaserWarn's chemical library is comprehensive and updateable to address new and emerging threats. For information on specific applications, please choose from any of the following.