QCLs for Academic and Research Customers

Block sells its LaserTune quantum cascade laser source to universities, research labs, and scientific institutions around the world. The laser allows for gap-free tuning across a 5.4 to 12.8 µm range, and can be configured for shorter wavelength ranges if desired.

The LaserTune is used in a wide variety of biochemical, optical engineering, materials analysis, and other research applications — including in-vivo alcohol detection, biological lung tissue analysis, and study of exhaled acetone in diabetes. For a list of research studies that were designed around the Lasertune, please visit our research papers page.

Block's MiniQCL laser modules are also used by manufacturers of R&D instruments, including chemical analysis systems and infrared microscopes. Below is a partial list of research applications which have benefited from the use of Block's quantum cascade lasers.

Research and Development Applications

  • Tissue analysis coupled with atomic force microscopes and photothermal imaging
  • Spectroscopic analysis of
  • combustion
  • electrochemical dynamics
  • photochemistry
  • novel materials, such as graphene
  • Gas analysis using cavity ring down spectroscopy
  • Hyperspectral imaging of a wide variety of surfaces
  • Protein dynamics analysis

Please contact us to discuss your application needs, or visit our products page for technical information on our laser products.