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Block Engineering's Quantum Cascade Laser Products

Block's chemical detection systems are based on widely tunable Quantum Cascade Lasers. Our instruments utilize a high brightness QCL source, which results in high spectral power density and radiance.

Block's spectrometers are able to quickly measure gases, liquids, and surface materials with high sensitivity and can rapidly analyze highly absorbing or diffusive materials.

Block's QCL spectrometers are superior to traditional FTIRs in sensitivity, versatility, ruggedness, and portability. They are effective for applications ranging from standoff analysis of trace chemicals to powerful analysis of microscopic targets, such as biological cells or forensic samples. In addition to its spectrometers, Block also supplies tunable mid-IR sources.

LaserWarn™ is an open-path chemical detection system designed to detect chemical leaks and threats 24/7 from a distance of up to 300 meters. The system detects CWAs, TICs/TIMs, and other target gases.

LaserTune™ is a tunable mid-IR source. The fully integrated LaserTune system has one of the widest gap-free tuning ranges (5.4 - 12.8 microns) of any mid-IR QCL source available.

Mini-QCL Lasers for OEMs™ are compact quantum cascade laser modules for OEM customers. The single-tuner sQCL and multiple-tuner mQCL cover specific or wide wavelength ranges.

MCT IR Detector Module™ is a thermoelectrically cooled detector element and preamplifier package optimized for acquiring spectral data with the LaserTune source. The module is also available as a stand-alone detector.

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