Standoff Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents

Rapid detection of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) is essential to protect enclosed, high-traffic spaces such as airports, subway platforms, and transportation terminals. Block's LaserWarn standoff chemical detection and identification sensor is designed to detect CWAs within seconds from hundreds of meters away.

VX, Novichok agents, and Sarin gas have been used in recent years in adversarial, criminal, and targeted terrorist attacks. Block's LaserWarn is designed to detect a wide array of CWA and newer Non-Traditional Agent (NTA) signatures, including emerging threats.

The infrared laser beam emitted by the LaserWarn creates an invisible chemical "trip wire," allowing for rapid detection and identification of chemicals that cross the beam path. Large areas can be covered with a single LaserWarn detection system. The system can enhance chemical detection point sensors and person-worn or handheld vapor sensors.

With its ability to detect and identify multiple chemical threats in just four seconds, the LaserWarn can also be used in field-based applications to protect perimeters against encroaching chemical warfare agent gases. Block's technology allows for unattended 24/7 monitoring of vulnerable sites.

Please contact us to discuss your application needs, or visit our LaserWarn product page for technical information on our standoff chemical detection solutions.