Infrared Lasers for Life Science Instruments

Block's Quantum Cascade Laser modules are used by manufacturers of life science and biomedical instruments to power diagnosis, imaging, and analysis systems.

Infrared microscopes, infrared coupled atomic force microscopes (AFM), photoacoustic spectrometers (PAS), cavity ring-down spectrometers (CRDS), and other technologies are currently powered by Block's lasers.

The QCLs offered by Block are sufficiently powerful for standoff imaging, but do not damage tissue or tissue samples. Block's lasers allow for non-contact imaging and analysis across a wide range: 5.4 µm (1,850 cm-1) to 12.8 µm (780 cm-1 ) of the mid-infrared spectrum.

Block's ultra-compact and low cost IR lasers are enabling portable instrumentation for infectious disease rapid detection through breath analysis, cancer detection, monitoring of glucose and other blood chemistries, and analysis of protein structures. The extremely fast response rate of laser-based systems allow for nearly real-time results.

The following is a list of some of the life science instrumentation applications that can be powered by our quantum cascade lasers.

Analysis of biochemical liquids

  • Non-invasive glucose analysis to monitor diabetes
  • Analysis of urine chemistries
  • Bioreactor process monitoring
  • Cell identification through microfluidics
  • Blood chemistry analysis
  • Breast milk analysis

Analysis of aerosols and gases

  • Breath analysis to detect a wide range of infectious diseases (bacterial and viral) including Covid
  • Cancer detection via breath chemistries
  • Detection of biological pathogens including biological warfare agents
  • Hospital air quality and anesthesia monitoring

Cell, protein and tissue analysis

  • Detection of cancer via 2D infrared analysis of biopsies, standoff surface detection of skin cancer, or instant detection of cancer margins during surgery
  • Structural analysis of proteins and other large molecules
  • Tissue analysis coupled with atomic force macroscopes
  • Fibrous connective tissue analysis
  • Cornea mapping
  • Artificial organ analysis

Please contact us to discuss your application needs, or visit our products page for technical information on our laser products.