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Block Engineering Applications

Block Engineering's chemical detection and gas analysis instruments are used in a wide variety of applications across energy and power, security and safety, and other industries.

Our online process analyzers detect hydrocarbon composition and other qualities of natural gas in real time. Our open-path gas detection systems monitor sites for chemical threats from hundreds of meters away. Our quantum cascade lasers are used by university researchers and are integrated into biomedical imaging systems.

For examples of applications that Block's products are used in, please explore the following:

Gas Analysis for Turbines in Power Plants: Block's products are used in gas turbine applications to monitor incoming feed gas in real time. Gross and and net heating value BTU, Specific Gravity, and Wobbe Index values are generated by our analyzers. Learn more

NGL Pipeline Mixing: Our products are used for quality control in Natural Gas Liquids pipeline applications. Block's analyzers are faster and lower-maintance than a GC, and can assist in the rapid detection of off-specification product during change-overs. Learn more

Mudlogging: Block's systems are used by oil and gas well drillers to more efficiently find the deposits they are seeking. In mudlogging applications our analyzers provide for accurate detection of C1-C5 hydrocarbons, including C4 and C5 isomers. Learn more

BTU/Wobbe Analysis: Several of our LaserSense products measure BTU, Calorific Value, and Wobbe Index (WI) of natural gas streams. Unlike a gas chromatograph, our laser-based systems require no consumables and minimal maintenance. Learn more

Perimeter and Fenceline Montoring and Leak Detection: Our open-path products can monitor fencelines and perimeters for fugutive emissions and toxic industrial chemical (TIC) leaks, providing detection and warnings within seconds. Learn more

Wide Area Chemical Threat Detection: Block's products have been used for decades to protect againt Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and other chemical threats. Our new QCL products allow for an unprecedented sensitivity and speed of detection. Learn more

For further technical information, you are also invited to read our detailed application notes:

Real Time Measurement of BTU, Calorific Value, and Wobbe Index including Hydrocarbon Speciation (Application Note AN-N06-01): Block Engineering's LaserSense-CV provides precise, continuous measurement of CV, BTU, and Wobbe Index. In this application note, we detail the differences between Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, and Quantum Cascade Laser techniques in the full analysis of natural gas. Read the Application Note

Open Path Detection of Acrolein Leaks (Application Note AN-N07-01): In this application note, we detail the capabilities of Block's open path LaserWarn system to detect levels of Acrolein at concentrations of around 1 ppm. Read the Application Note

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