Standoff Detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Materials

In recent years, the use of Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Materials (TICs/TIMs) for targeted attacks has increased. TICs and TIMs and their precursors are widely available, and can be used to create toxic gas clouds in both enclosed and open spaces.

The frequent use of TICs/TIMs in routine industrial activities also creates the potential for accidental or incidental releases and spills. Block's LaserWarn chemical detection and identification system is designed to detect a wide variety of toxic industrial chemicals and materials, from ordinary chemicals like Ammonia and Benzene to less common gases such as Acrolein.

The LaserWarn can be mounted in a fixed installation, or used in portable configurations. The infrared quantum cascade laser creates a beam path that covers hundreds of meters. The system's algorithms scan for multiple TICs and TIMs simultaneously, allowing for detection of unusual and unexpected threats. The LaserWarn's library can be updated to account for emerging threats.

The system features two levels of interface: a simple and clear "operator" status screen, and a detailed "supervisor" dashboard that provides access to critical data such as real-time spectral analysis, file sensor alignment, and other variables.

Please contact us to discuss your application needs, or visit our LaserWarn product page for technical information on our standoff chemical detection solutions.