Block Engineering Technology

Block Engineering's products use Quantum Cascade Lasers to serve customers in a variety of applications. For information on QCL technology, or a partial list of research papers that use Block's products, please click on the following.

Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) Technology

Quantum Cascade Lasers are semiconductor devices, which operate differently from conventional semiconductor lasers. For information on QCL technology used by Block, please click here.

Published Research Papers Featuring Block's Technology

Block's spectrometer products and widely tunable QCL sources have been featured in numerous research papers. Please click here for a current list of papers.

Q&As by the Block Engineering Team

What is the difference between a pulsed and a CW (Continuous Wave) laser?

What are CWA, TIC/TIM, and NTA chemical agents?

How do QCL and FTIR chemical threat detection approaches differ?

What is an "external cavity" quantum cascade laser (EC-QCL)?

How are open-path laser systems different from point sensors?

What are the advantages of QCL spectroscopy in life science applications?

What are the differences between Raman and QCL spectroscopy?

Research Paper Spotlights

Research Paper Spotlight: Detecting Proteins Associated with Alzheimer's

Research Paper Spotlight: Measuring Airborne Silica Particles with QCLs

Research Paper Spotlight: Studying Cancer Microenvironments using a QCL Confocal Microscope

Research Paper Spotlight: Assessing the Purity of Pharmaceuticals