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Block Engineering Introduces Next Generation of Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers

Southborough, MA – October 10, 2023

lasertune sQCL comboBlock Engineering, a manufacturer of mid-infrared lasers and chemical detection systems, has released its next generation of compact quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). The new QCLs can offer a six-fold increase in laser power, orders of magnitude better thermal and temporal stability, and very small electronics with unique pulse design capabilities.

Peter Loges, Vice President of Product Management at Block, said: "We are very excited to be releasing our new sQCL laser technology in two formats which take advantage of the higher output and exceptional stability of our next generation laser design. The packaged LaserTune-S system is ideal for benchtop experimentation, while the modules, which feature an industry leading SWaP, facilitate OEM integration into hand-held instruments."

The sQCL is a compact laser module that can be tuned across a 2-3 micron wavelength range within a larger 5.4 to 12.8 micron span. Customers can select a range that suits their specific detection needs. The LaserTune-S is a prepackaged, enclosed, single QCL system designed for turnkey operation for research or testing. It can also be purchased in kit form, as a QCL with a uniquely powerful electronics controller board, ready for integration.

Chuck McFee, Global Sales Manager, added, "Dedicated instrument solutions are in demand for glucose, proteins, cancers and more. Our sQCL solutions provide the best OEM platform to target specific yet broad mid-IR regions. These broad regions allow for primaries, secondaries, and/or contaminants to be correlated via machine learning and AI algorithms to quickly solve complex situations and provide error-free analysis."

For information on Block’s next-generation sQCL laser module for OEMs and the LaserTune-S benchtop configuration, please visit the sQCL or LaserTune-S product pages.

About Block:

Block Engineering is an award-winning developer, manufacturer, and seller of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers and QCL-based spectrometers for life science, industrial, and safety/security applications. Block offers widely-tunable quantum cascade laser modules and systems, as well as laser-based chemical detection systems that identify chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, explosives residue, and other chemical threats from up to 300 meters away.

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