LaserSense-NGL™: Real Time, Online Natural Gas Liquids Analyzer

For decades, gas chromatographs, densitometers, and flow meters have been used for compositional analysis and blending/mixing of Natural Gas Liquids. These older techniques suffer from high maintenance costs, involving both labor and consumables.

Advances in process control are driving the need for a faster and more precise analysis of NGLs than GCs, densitometers, and flow meters allow. Block Engineering, established in 1956, has grown beyond its FTIR roots by developing and commercializing a suite of laser-based analyzer products, including the LaserSense-NGL. This real time process analyzer provides both speed and speciation advantages over GCs and other older technologies.

LaserSense-NGL provides rapid (3-10 seconds typical) multicomponent C1-C6 analysis, including individual isomer analysis. Real time, full compositional analysis allows for faster and more precise control of processes – including monitoring of off-specification product during change-overs. The LaserSense-NGL requires no consumables and limited maintenance.

Quantum cascade laser technology allows for:

  • Accurate and precise speciation of hydrocarbons, enabling full analysis and improved control
  • 3-10 second analysis time (typical)
  • Limited maintenance and no consumables

Download a detailed specifications sheet for the LaserSense-NGL (PDF).

If you would like to discuss how the LaserSense-NGL can help with your application needs, please contact us.

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