Analyzers for Oil, Gas, and Power Generation Markets

Block Engineering's infrared laser-based analyzers offer fast, safe, affordable analysis of hydrocarbons and related gases. Unlike traditional gas chromatographs (GCs), our QCL instruments require no consumables or carrier gases, require no calibration, and afford significant cost savings with no maintenance and calibration labor. In contrast to GCs, analysis time is extremely rapid (less than 10 seconds) and readings are highly sensitive.

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Gas Analysis for Gas Turbines: The LaserSense-CV is used in gas-fired power plants to monitor incoming feed gas in real time. BTU, Specific Gravity, and Wobbe Index values are generated by the analyzer. Learn more

NGL Pipeline Mixing Quality Control: The LaserSense-NGL is an online analyzer for quality control in NGL pipeline applications. The analyzer is faster and lower maintenance than a GC, and can assist in the rapid detection of off-specification product during change-overs. Learn more

Mudlogging: Block's LaserSense-ML is a compact system designed for mudlogging applications. With the ability to detect C1-C5 gases plus isomers in ppm to percent ranges, the LaserSense-ML enables geoscientists to more precisely map the drilling geology and avoid missed shows. Learn more

BTU/Wobbe Analysis: LaserSense-CV is a calorific value analyzer that measures the BTU and Wobbe Index of natural gas streams. Based around a widely tunable mid-infrared laser, the LaserSense-CV is far more sensitive and accurate than near-IR analyzers, lower maintenance and faster than a GC, and provides for speciation in contrast to residual O2 measurement analyzers and inferential/physical properties analyzers. Learn more

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For over 60 years, Block Engineering has been a leader in chemical detection and gas analysis technology.

Block Engineering has been a leader in chemical analysis and detection since 1956. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our Quantum Cascade Laser and FTIR products.

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