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NGL Pipeline Mixing Quality Control

NGL operators strive to deliver Natural Gas Liquid products that meet quality specifications, without overly enriching the product at their own expense.

The desired NGL product mix is traditionally achieved through dynamic mixing or blending, or enrichment by injecting additives in the pipeline. In order to achieve the ideal blend, operators need fast, precise and accurate analyzers for hydrocarbon readings. Block's LaserSense-NGL is a real-time, multicomponent analyzer for pipeline mixing that fulfills these needs.

Block's LaserSense-NGL allows operators to adjust control and set points in order to reduce risk of out of specification product. The advantages of the LaserSense-NGL apply whether the feedstocks are used for chemical plants, reaction control, boilers, gas turbines, or other unit operations – including fractionation and distillation.

LaserSense Versus Traditional GCs

Traditionally, Gas Chromatographs (GC) have been used for compositional analysis. However, GCs suffer from high installation and life cycle costs and – perhaps most importantly – long measurement intervals. Gas Chromatographs installed online require analyzer shelters, calibration gas panels, and delivery systems with frequent calibration and expensive consumables.

Even optimized multicolumn systems still only provide measurements every 4-6 minutes or longer. Samples taken online often need to be analyzed in a lab either on- or off-site. This further increases analysis time from minutes to hours, increasing safety concerns involved with sample collection, transport and disposal.

During this process, the stream composition can change significantly. This requires operators to run at higher set points than desired, to ensure no off-specification product is delivered. The end result is higher costs to the operator.

The ideal alternative is an online analyzer, providing full compositional analysis results in seconds, with no calibration gas or consumables.

Block Engineering's LaserSense-NGL analyzer does this with its continuous online system. The LaserSense provides updates in less than 10 seconds with no consumables. Using next generation quantum cascade lasers operating in the feature rich mid-infrared "fingerprint" region, LaserSense can detect and quantify C1-C6 hydrocarbons plus other chemistries and species supplied as pipeline feedstocks.

LaserSense-NGL Gas Chromatographs
No Consumables Costly Consumables
Real-time measurement independent of analyte Extended analysis time for slow eluting compounds
No labor; none of the costly GC maintenance issues Expensive on-site labor required to maintain analyzer: carrier gas, calibration, column issues and replacement
Compact size; locate at point of analysis Expensive, special shelters often needed at distance from sample point
Total cost of ownership limited to initial capital cost and ordinary, simple maintenance Consumables, labor, and maintenance costs may be four times greater than the cost of the analyzer itself

The supplier who meets NGL specifications at the best price will win the business. Fast, precise and accurate analysis permits the operator to blend to more exact specifications, satisfying both the customer's and the operator's needs.

If you would like to discuss how the LaserSense-NGL can help with your application needs, please contact us.

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