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Mini-FT™: FTIR Interferometer/Detector System


The mini-FT is a compact, rugged, power-efficient and flexible Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) interferometer / detector system that can be combined with an external Infrared (IR) source to form a complete spectrometer.

The module incorporates Block's well-validated interferometer design, allowing integration into portable, battery operated devices in addition to operating in potentially strong shock and vibration environments. Due to the unique design, the Mini-FT offers scan rates up to 30 spectra/sec eliminating most mechanical interferences and allowing very fast measurements.

The laboratory bench-top model can be interfaced with external optical accessories and detectors for use in various spectroscopy experiments, or for doing open long path measurements.

Key Benefits & Advantages

  • Small, rugged, lightweight, highly sensitive, power-efficient Interferometer & detector engine
  • 2.5-13 micron operating range
  • Room temperature, TE, or Stirling cooled MCT detector options

Download a detailed Mini-FT specifications sheet (PDF).

If you would like to discuss how the Mini-FT FTIR Interferometer/Detector system can help with your application needs, please contact us.