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Mini-FT™: OEM FTIR Interferometer/Detector Module


The mini-FT is a compact, rugged, power-efficient and flexible Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Interferometer / detector module that can be combined with an external Infrared (IR) source to form a complete spectrometer. The module incorporates Block's well-validated interferometer design, allowing integration into portable, battery operated devices in addition to operating in potentially strong shock and vibration environments. Due to the unique design, the mini-FT offers scan rates up to 30 spectra/sec eliminating most mechanical interferences and allowing very fast measurements.

The mini-FT is offered in two different configurations to meet the needs of multiple applications. In addition to a laboratory bench-top model, Block Engineering also offers an OEM small form factor version to facilitate ease of integration into a manufacturer's instrumentation. Included is the interferometer module, globar source and two different MCT detector options based on the application. Low level electronics are also included, providing the interface to the product.

The laboratory bench-top model can be interfaced with external optical accessories and detectors for use in various spectroscopy experiments, or for doing open long path measurements. The OEM model is ideally designed for integration into instrumentation used for gas phase analysis or industrial applications in the petrochemical drilling industry.

Key Benefits & Advantages

  • Small, rugged, lightweight, highly sensitive, power-efficient Interferometer & detector engine
  • 2.5-13 micron operating range
  • Room temperature, TE, or Stirling cooled MCT detector options
  • Small form factor in OEM configuration ideal for integration
  • Modular configuration enables integration into industrial or process monitoring applications
  • Custom spectroscopy and sampling solutions developed for OEM system applications

Download a detailed Mini-FT specifications sheet (PDF).

If you would like to discuss how the Mini-FT FTIR Interferometer/Detector Module can help with your application needs, please contact us.